Our President, Phil D’Andrea’s past life experiences and career instilled in him an impeccable work ethic, customer service, and confidence to strive to better himself in both his professional and personal life. He is fueled by creativity, innovation, and his ability to apply self-taught problem-solving strategies to new and challenging situations. He took a leap of faith, pursued a new passion of his and built a career around it. He is a loving father to a beautiful, caring, and smart 7 year old boy. This is his daily motivation for becoming the best fatherly example to him.

Our Story

Welcome to Aerial Productions Unlimited. At APU we provide high end real estate media services to the Triangle. We specialize in video walkthroughs, "agent on camera", and "lifestyle" videos as well. Our services so not stop there, we also offer photography, home measurements/sketches, & drone as well. Our brand stands behind providing excellent quality combined with affordable / competitive pricing, giving our customer the best value possible. 


We stand out from competition by using a photography process called “flambient photography” (The “flambient” method for shooting real estate photography involves combining both flash and ambient light in your shots) Flash photography allows for cleaner more accurate reproduction of colors, cutting harsh shadows from incoming ambient light (through windows and light fixtures), allowing you to light rooms with little to no ambient light (closets, nooks, etc). All in all, flash photography gives you more flexibility in the worst of lighting situations.


We are located in Fuquay-Varina, NC and provide services within a 30 mile radius. We carry a $2 million liability insurance policy and are Federal/State registered, licensed and insured. We use professional lighting and personally post-process all of our own images and videos. 


At APU we are simply looking for the opportunity to prove our value to your business. We look forward to cultivating new business to business relationships and provide the best product available. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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