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Creating A Realistic Property Tour With Drone Footage

In the busy times we’re living in, it can be hard to meet face-to-face with others. Maybe your clients are not comfortable having in-person conversations yet, or you’re taking advantage of that missed-out vacation time and finally going on a long-awaited trip out of town. And that’s where the power of video comes in.

We recently worked on a cool video project for a buyer's agent that reached out to us on behalf of their client. The client was out of the country at the time but was interested in purchasing a piece of land and wanted a more detailed visualization of the property.

The Aerial Productions Unlimited team was able to capture stunning drone footage of 3528 Optimist Farm Road in Apex, allowing us to showcase the entirety of the land—from multiple angles—and its location in relation to surrounding neighborhoods and proximity Downtown Raleigh. We even got close-ups of the pond on the property and its lush greenery, so the client could feel like they were really there touring it themselves!

There are a ton of benefits to using our video services in your next client presentation or property tour and we can't wait to share them with you. Explore our services and pricing and book your next session with us at!

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