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How to Match Up Audio With Video

Video audio is just as important as video visuals! No one likes to watch a video where the audio isn't synced up or just doesn't work at all (quality is key!). Admittedly, it can be tricky to match up your audio with your video, and that all depends on what kind of video you're making too. Since we know a thing or two about videography (😉), we thought we'd share our best audio syncing tip with you here.

To align audio with video, we use claps. We know, sounds weird, but trust the process! So first, start filming your video with someone clapping. After you pull both your audio and video into whatever software you use, see where the hands come together in the video to make the clap noise, and then move the audio timeline to match up with the spike. And, voila! At this point, all of your audio should be synced up.

See, that wasn't too hard! But if you're still confused, we have the full tutorial on our Instagram stories.

There's a Lot More Where That Came From

Of course, videography is more than just syncing up audio and visuals. If you're looking for professional videography, you've come to the right place! Schedule one of our many services by booking through our website.

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