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Virtual Home Tours: Good, Better, Best

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

It can be tricky to show a home virtually, but in this day and age, it's necessary for a lot of REALTORS® who are showing homes to people that don't live in the area. There are some agents that are die-hard fans of 3D tours—you know the ones where you click through each room of the home—and while they can be helpful, there are some other options we think are better for showing off a home to its full potential for eager buyers. Here, we compare the good, better, and best options for virtual home tours.

Good: 3D Home Tours

3D home tours are a good option for showcasing a home when photos just don't do it justice. While not my favorite, they do help buyers get a better sense of the home than a typical slideshow would. However, they can be super clunky and is not very user-friendly. It's still possible to get lost in a digital tour of a home!

Better: Virtual Tour With Drone Footage

Drone footage is great for getting a feel of the exterior of a home, especially, and can help clients gauge where the home is located in comparison to other homes in a neighborhood or other surrounding locations by using "call-outs" or map markers. Drone footage also helps show all the big and small details of the exterior, letting the client see the home from the outside at various angles. A drone's imaging possibilities are almost endless!

Best: Lifestyle Videos

A lifestyle video not only shows you what a home looks like, but what it would be like to live in that home. We work with our real estate clients to help potential buyers mentally move into a property. When people watch our lifestyle videos, we want them to be able to imagine what life would be like if they lived in that home. It's easy for your clients to really see what it would be like to live in a home with these lifestyle videos, making these the best option for a virtual tour.

We Offer the Best

At Aerial Productions Unlimited, we offer a variety of high-end real estate media services, including video walkthroughs, "agent on camera", drone footage, and lifestyle videos. And our services don't stop there. Explore our video services and contact us today by emailing or by calling us at 919-285-1644 to schedule your shoot.

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